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Chapter 3 - Conclusion

On your way to properly scale

Thank you!

We really hope that this chapter has shared some insights into how to architect your Meteor app, and what are some of the best practices we identified.

You should be on your way now to write beautiful, decoupled code that is easy to understand.

Now, I have a task for you, remember that first task the user received in his intro ?

Let’s try and apply the principles we discussed and go ahead and create a public GitHub repository and write a project that will do the following:

Beat the Boss

  • Use React as the view layer
  • Create fixtures for users and admin
  • Microservicify admin and app
  • Ability to register/login/forgot-password
  • Ability to create a post (Ask for title and description)
  • Make sure the post has createdAt, updatedAt, createdBy, updatedBy
  • Ability to list all approved posts on the route (“/posts”)
  • Ability to view a single Post
  • As an Admin I need the ability to approve a post
  • When a new post is created the admins should get notified by email
  • Write tests

Focus on backend, not frontend. The purpose here is to architect the backend right.

Would you pass the Bigshot Code Reviewer‘s review?

Leave your link to the repository down below, and let other users review it! See if it’s truly Enterprise level.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback is very important. Feel free to ask questions, if they are specific to a certain part of this chapter, go to that page and leave a comment there. Thank you!

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