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Here we are, at the end of the first chapter.

Even if this is the beginning of the 1st chapter, we just scratched the surface. Meteor has so many good things to offer! We are certain you have fallen in love with this framework, and we look forward to help you on this new journey!

You now have the knowledge how to use Meteor’s powers in your applications! You’ve learned how to:

  • store data in a database via Collections
  • use methods to perform server-side actions and return responses to the client
  • use Meteor’s reactive system to develop live updates systems in your applications
  • secure your methods/publications in order to develop robust applications

If you’re like us, you will want to know more and more! Here’s what we recommend:

Also, we do this tutorial out of passion, and we’d like your support! Feedback is a critical component of any development system. Because of this, we encourage you to interact with us and help us make meteor-tuts better! Share your experience us regarding the content in this tutorial and help us improve it for other developers!

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