Chapter 2 - Conclusion


You made it through Chapter 2, good job :)

So we uncovered how to integrate the View Layer into Meteor, how can we write clean CSS code and tools for optimization. What’s next ? Well, you need to do your homework first, because it will help you form new neural synapses that will enable you to remember and code faster.

Next chapter will be dedicated to how we can use all the knowledge from Chapter 1 & Chapter 2, in order to create large scale applications, not your simple To Do list, we are talking about Healthcare, Government Apps, Multi-tenant Apps, Role-Based Access Control, CRMs, the usual enterprise type of applications that may require a bigger team, and a lot of coding.

We’ll understand how to keep it under-control, how to use testing and how to continously integrate and ofcourse: how to deploy!

It is going to be a big one.

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